Sabrina - Comp 202


The tutor was very informative, clear, and helpful. 

Jeremy - Econ 227D2


Everything i could have asked for and more. John is an amazing tutor.

Roselie - Comm 217


Hands on learning. Lots of practice exam questions. More importantly the tutor guided us through every questions ensuring everything was completely understood.

Tina - Math 209


Tutor knows his stuff! Lots of practice final exam examples! Best way to prepare.

Andrew - Fine 342


The tutor was interactive and challenged us to ensure everyone understood the material. 

Olivia S. - Math 204


Aplus Tutorials taught me more in 8 hours than in an entire semester. The tutor is extremely knowledgeable, comprehensible, and organized. All the material was clearly summarized and explained.

Jad S. - Engr 233


I registered myself for the Engr 233 final crash course and i can say that it was money well spent. The tutor helps you understand from your own perspective and that is the key to success!

Caroline B - Math 133


Helpful Review!

Jennifer Z - Chem 208


Aplus is an effective way in helping one prepare for an exam. They provide the most helpful information.

Blake - Engr 251


Aplus Tutorials are extremely beneficial and a great review for a difficult class right before the exam.

Eddelquin. - Econ 203


I registered for their $10 midterm prep session and i though i was only going to learn a little. However in a span of 2 hours i learnt more than i learnt in 4 weeks.

Adamo C. - Acco 340


Great experience with awesome staff. Difficult questions make learning better and make us more prepared for our exams. 

Alex B. - Math 205


Best investment i ever made!

Soutiane B. - Fina 385


Lamine is a great tutor. He combines theory with practice problems which makes students really understand the material. Well done!

Aleksandar M. - Acco 310


Perfect tutorial. Highly recommended!!!

Catherine L - Comm 217


Aplus Crash courses have really helped me feel prepared for my exams. Their tutors are great and always meet my needs.

Dennis - Econ 221


Great atmosphere. Teacher is knowledgeable and very helpful. Ribal is an excellent Tutor.

Omar Y. - Econ 230D1


Good Practice before exams. Came with minimal knowledge of the course. Certainly recommend if you are struggling or need extra practice.

Mohamed A. - Engr 213


I used Aierken for private tutoring for Engr 213, 233 + 251 and this was probably the best academic decision i have ever made. Smartest man alive. If you don't ask for Aierken you are making a big mistake.

Jojo. - Comm 215


Great Tutors and great service! :) :)

Frederick P. - Econ 230D1


Final Crash Course with Ribal was everything i could have asked for. In depth theory, practice final exam questions. Great way to prepare.

Roger W. - Comm 308


Used Lamine for 8 hours of private tutoring and he literally taught me everything i needed to know for my exam. His tips & tricks are truly one of a kind. Highly Recommend Aplus for Lamine. 

Samantha T. - Acco 340


Adam B is the best crash course tutor. I have heard a lot about him but never thought someone could actually be that good. The way he breaks down each topics and guides his class is inspiring. Thanks Adam! 

Amanda R. - Math 208


Very happy with the private tutoring. Flexible hours and skilled tutors. 

Mathieu R. - Acco 310


Signed up for their midterm crash course and was pleasantly surprised. The tutors covered all of the necessary topics and went over tons of practice problems!