About us

Mission Statement

Aplus Tutorial aims to offer the best tutoring services available, while keeping its services available to students who are without financial support. Given the competitive, post-graduation job market, earning above average grades is crucial for students. Our aim is make a difference to all people who come to us for help: from the eager student hoping to turn an A into an A+, to the student struggling to pass. Aplus will be a partner in the success of its students and clients.


Private Tutoring

1-on-1 tutoring scheduled around the students and tutors availability. Catering towards the students need and requirements.

Students can purchase a block of hours which vary from $40-$50/hour. These blocks have no expiry date

and can be used for any subject they need help with.

Blocks of hours:

1 hour $50/hour
5 hours $45/hour
10 hours$40/hour


Private Group Tutoring

If you have any friends or classmates who are interested in private tutoring then we can lower the hourly price. Let us know how many students and hours in total you will require so we can provide you our lowest hourly price.


Weekly Tutoring

Once a week for 2 hours we cover your current weeks material and touch base on next weeks material. Ensuring you are up to date with your classes curriculum. These tutorial can vart from 2 – 20 students in per session.


Crash Courses

Full intense review sessions. Covering everything that will be entailed on your exams. Each crash course can be between 8 – 12 hours  and include a coursepack along with practice exams, practice problems and solutions.

Our coursepacks consist of condensed notes thoroughly explaining each essential topic for your exam.


Our coursepacks consist of exclusive condensed notes entailing all of the essential information that you need to focus on for your exams. They breakdown your chapters in the most simplest manners while providing you with practice questions, old exams, and solutions.