How To Qualify?

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 Expert tutors who have knowledge of required coursework.

 Material broken down so it's easy to understand.

 Quiet environment, in-house classrooms.

 Variety of tutoring options; private, small groups or crash courses.

 Competitive prices.

All crash courses include comprehensive coursepacks with practice questions.




bullet Crash course for all mid-terms and final exams.

bullet Private tutorial sessions with specialized tutors.

bullet Group sessions to utilize group learning.

bullet Comprehensive course packs for most classes.

bullet Weekly tutorial sessions to keep up with the class.

bullet 2-hour free crash course for entry-level classes.




bullet Concordia University.

bullet McGill University.

bullet Dawson College.

bullet Vanier College.

bullet University of Western Ontario.

bullet Ottawa University.


telephone no 514 545 8689

telephone no 519 513 4680 telephone no 613 380 8192
telephone no 1855 992 7587 telephone no 647 591 2260

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